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The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies exists as a joint program of studies encompassing and emphasizing the various elements that pertain to the nature of knowledge, reality, and human values and ideas. Both Philosophy and Religious studies programs provide students with a sound background in these areas, which will enable them to pursue studies in these fields at other institutions.

The academic study of both Philosophy and Religious Studies at Fullerton College emphasizes the respective history of the disciplines and the development of analytical skills. Our faculty is committed to training students in this way. Furthermore, and to this end, our department offers courses that provide essential skills that will benefit the major as well as students who are pursuing careers in which such skills are emphasized.

With our full-time and part-time faculty, the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies is able to meet the growing number of students at Fullerton College and provide the skills transfer programs demand. Furthermore, the diversity that exists in both backgrounds and interests of our professors and instructors provide a well-balanced array of perspectives and approaches to philosophy and religion. Our faculty is committed to aiding students in achieving their goals and furthering their understanding of philosophy and religion. For this reason, our faculty is actively involved in providing out-of-class opportunities for growth, including the Philosophy Club and attendance at university conferences with interested students.



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