Statue of Socrates at The Academy of Athens in Greece

Through the Social Science Division, the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers a scholarship opportunity to qualified students. See the following details and links for more information.

Philosophy and Religious Studies Scholarship

This scholarship is for Fullerton College students majoring in Philosophy and/or Religious Studies. The student must be attending at least three-quarter time (full-time is preferable) and be transferring to a four-year college or university. The student must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and a minimum of 12 units of Philosophy and/or Religious Studies classes at Fullerton College to be considered eligible.

In order to apply, the student must fill out and submit the two-part scholarship application and the faculty scholarship recommendation form, which are available in the Social Science Division Office, located in Room 1415 in the new Classroom Office Building (1400 Building). The student must also submit an "unofficial" copy of their transcript, which is available through MyGateway. All application materials must be submitted to the Social Science Division Office. For further information on applying for this scholarship, please visit the Social Science Division website.

Other Scholarships

Students have many other scholarship opportunities that are available through the Social Science Division and the Fullerton College Foundation Office. Visit their websites for more information.



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